Terada Honke - Musubi

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Radical natural sake. Medieval brew made with unpolished rice. Sour and sparkling. Great with vegetable dishes.

Radical medieval brew made on the basis of completely unpolished rice. Sour, sparkling, and refreshing. Musubi is the ultimate rice drink, healthy and 100% organic. No yeast or lactic acid added, unpasteurised, unfiltered and undiluted. Especially nice with vegetable dishes. Store chilled, open carefully, and drink cold.

Name: Musubi
Brewery: Terada Honke
Type: junmai genmai muroka nama-gen shizenshu
Content: 720 ml
Rice polishing: [...]
Prefecture: Chiba
Alcohol: 10%
Sake Meter Value: [...]
Acidity: [...]
Serving: cold
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