Terada Honke - Katori 90

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Experience drinkable natural rice! Only 10% polished, pre-modern sake.

The method by which this sake is made, as well as its taste, are extremely rare these days, as they represent a much older type of sake. The rice is polished only 10% and only natural yeast is utilised, resulting in a very strong rice bran taste and lactobacillus (乳酸菌) acidity. It is liquid rice, 100% organic. The water for this sake comes from the natural well inside the brewery.

Drink cold.

The Terada Honke brewery was founded in 1673 and they have recently returned to a very traditional method of brewing. All modern machinery has been done away with and natural, organic and handwork are the new keywords. Accordingly Terada Honke is one of the very few breweries that does not use any cultivated yeast, relying solely on the natural yeast culture of their brewery. The entire production is fermented in the kimoto method where no lactic acid is added to the starter (moto). The rice used is organic.

Name: Katori 90
Brewery: Terada Honke
Type: Junmai Muroka
Content: 720 ml
Rice polishing: 90%
Prefecture: Chiba
Alcohol: 15.5%
Sake Meter Value: +5
Acidity: 3.5
Serving: drink cold
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