Terada Honke - Kame No O

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A new sake from Terada Honke, made from self-cultivated natural Kame no O rice, the resurrected legendary dake rice variety. It is slightly sweet, but with high acidity, that will become more expressive over time, eventually resulting in a refreshing sour apple taste. Unpasteurised, unfiltered, undiluted, self-cultivated koji, natural yeast, extremely slow-brew kimoto, yeast starter. Store in refrigeration. Drink cold.

Name: Kame No O
Brewery: Terada Honke
Type: [...]
Content: 720 ml
Rice polishing: [...]
Prefecture: Chiba
Alcohol: 17.0%
Sake Meter Value: [...]
Acidity: [...]
Serving: drink cold
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