Moriki Shuzo - Tae No Hana

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Moriki Shuzō challenges daiginjō superstition: minimally polished but very elegant. Natural rice.

The ultimate proof that fine, balanced sake can be made from almost unpolished organic rice. Pre-modern kimoto slowbrew, making for a relatively dry sake with layers of taste. Starting with full-bodied rich umami and ending with refreshing apple and rice bran acidity. Store dark and cold. Drink at all temperatures.

Name: Tae No Hana 90
Brewery: Moriki Shuzo
Type: junmai kimoto muroka nama-gen shizenshu
Content: 720 ml
Rice polishing: [...]
Prefecture: [...]
Alcohol: [...]
Sake Meter Value: [...]
Acidity: [...]
Serving: [...]
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