Terada Honke - Gonin Musume

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All-round sake from Japan’s most natural brewery.

A pre-modern brew with a modern polishing rate, making this sake both rich and refined. Gonin Musume is the main brand of the Terada Honke brewery, which is unique in that its products are 100% hand-work, and natural. No yeast or lactic acid added, letting nature do its work in the slow-brew kimoto method. Drink at all temperatures. Store dark and cool.

Name: Gonin Musume
Brewery: Terada Honke
Type: junmai muroka shizenshu
Content: 720 ml
Rice polishing: [...]
Prefecture: Chiba
Alcohol: 15%
Sake Meter Value: [...]
Acidity: [...]
Serving: drink at all temperatures
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